Jennifer Miller

Road Trippin'

A Parable of a Spiritual Journey

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Road Trippin': A Parable of a Spiritual Journey Cover Art

Sean is an ordinary guy living an ordinary life until a troubling phone call sets him on an extraordinary journey. Racing to beat the clock and see his grandmother one last time before she passes on, he has no patience for the spiritual questions that plague him - questions that get answered by an unlikely traveling companion.

It doesn't matter where you are in your own spiritual journey, sharing in Sean's experience will leave you with meaningful insights and practical advice that will enhance your own connection with God. Buckle your seat belt for this amazing parable of a spiritual journey.

Jennifer Miller, Author

About the Author

Jennifer Miller is a Christian pastor and counselor with a gift for making the complicated accessible, the difficult understandable, and the confusing clear. In her other published work, No Longer Two: A Guide to How God Created Men, Women, and Marriage, she combines an expertise in psychology and theology in a witty and conversational style to help readers make their relationships healthy and strong.
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Road Trippin’ is her first fictional work, yet continues to capture both her wisdom and her wit. It is a powerful contribution to her body of work which has been dedicated to helping people grow in their faith, in their lives, and in their relationships.

What People Are Saying

I read Road Trippin' today and I LOVED it. Made me cry. I need about 10 copies to give away.


Just finished reading your new book this morning. I enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried, I considered some of my perspectives about Jesus and faith.